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Creating bold new flavors by blending

Southern, Mexican, Jamaican cuisine.


Grand Opening Interview by Tell The World. 

What's not to say about the culinary wonders that is Monique Howery and Moni's Soulfood Fiesta. Being self-taught while merging all the flavors of her soulful black ancestry while merging some items with a Latin twist is second to none. Monique is a pioneer in the culinary business far from a stranger. Her creative takes on her menu are not only a reflection of her food but also her personality which is pioneering, risk-taking, and soulful. Never shying away from it all. 

Our Story

Since 2010

Since 2010

About Chef Moni

This is when she knew it was time to step out on her own and soar to new heights starting her own business with her first starter location in Dekalb, Illinois on Northern Illinois University's College Campus.


It was on NIU's campus where Monique began jerking a lot of her soul food items due to the high demand and popular trend but Moni's began to stick out from the rest. While merging ALL the flavors of her soulful black ancestry (which can be seen from glimpse of the pictures on her on restaurant walls) while incorporating some items with a Latin twist, Moni's menu became authentic and second to none.

The Culinary Wonders that is Monique Howery that has become Moni's Soulfood Fiesta was ignited when the young entrepreneur began selling homemade dinners out of salons and barbershops in 2010 for extra income and simply because of her joys and love of cooking.

During her work tenure in corporate America and even after having catered a host of potlucks and events, Monique's food and flavors were highly requested even after by local businesses such as J.P. Morgan Chase, Verizon, and Amazon just to name a few.